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History Untold

A podcast telling the stories about the most fascinating and sometimes chilling events in history.

Jun 15, 2017

This is the story about a town called Jonestown. Created by a man by the name of Jim Jones. He was an American Religious leader of the People’s Temple in Northwestern Guyana in South America. He had the mind of an inhumane crazy person, he compared himself to Jesus Christ, and held 1,000 people hostage in his, ‘utopian community’, AKA his cult. Where he took control of them, had armed guards watching them, and even killed anybody who trespassed his fantasy world, his dream. But what caused this craziness? What was Jim’s psychological mindset and physical condition in 1978 of November when this Massacre occurred? And why did he force a mass suicide murder upon these people? Three hundred of them, being children.


Episode by Juliana Salamone